Aalto University Study Tour in Cooperation with FinChamLux

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Background and purpose of the study tour

Aalto EE’s Diploma in Safety and Security Management training program (TJK) is a
comprehensive and renowned program in the field of security in Finland. Aalto EE has offered the program for 30 years already. As part of the training program, the group traditionally makes a study tour abroad, this year to Benelux countries.

In 2022, Aalto University Executive Education Ltd. collaborates with the Finland Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg in the planning and coordination of this trip.

The participants represent both public and private organisations from different fields. They work in their organisations as Director or other management-level positions or as security experts and have several years of experience in security and safety-related matters.

The approach of the training program is comprehensive: it focuses on practices, methods, related legislation, and processes of security and safety. Furthermore, it views security on many levels: individual, company, and business networks. Also, aspects of comprehensive security and continuity of the whole society will be discussed during the program.

The program consists of the following modules and learning processes
● Security and Safety Management
● Risk Management
● Communication
● Information security
● Personnel security
● Environmental safety
● Rescue and emergency management, fire safety
● Study Tour
● Security of Operations and continuity planning
● Occupational Health and Safety
● Physical security
● Crisis management
● Personal development as a security professional and leader
● Case study
● Development project

The purpose of the study tour is to learn safety and security management practices, tools, processes, and approaches that both officials and companies use to ensure the continuity of their core activities and business. Additionally, creating international networks with local organisations (either public or private) and mutually sharing experiences on safety and security matters is also a purpose of the study tour. After the study tour participants should have acquired a more comprehensive international aspect of the safety and security topics covered
during the training program.