Finnish food in Luxembourg

19th – 23rd September 2022

During the week, Finnish food was featured in Luxemburg at Technopolis Gasperich’s MIN restaurant. Compass Group Luxemburg is responsible for restaurant operations in Technopolis.

During the Finnish food week, both traditional dishes and Finnish food innovations were served. Finnish ingredients and products were included in the lunch menu, and one of the five main dishes that changed daily was Finnish. In addition, a Finnish dessert was served daily.

On Thursday, during a half-day-seminar, the participating Finnish food companies learned more about the business opportunities in Luxembourg in a half-day-seminar with Luxinnovation, the Chamber of Commerce and its House of Entrepreneurship. Business Finland/Food from Finland introduced their services that help Finnish companies succeed globally with exports of branded products and services.

The highlight of the successful Finnish Food Week was the celebration of Technopolis 40 years anniversary at Technopolis Luxembourg.

The Finnish lunch menu

Monday 19.9.2022

Creamy Salmon soup, with Finnish bread. Birkkala.

Berry yogurt trifle. Arctic Warriors.

Tuesday 20.9.2022

Reindeer and Cheese Salad. Sallan villiporo snack, Jukolan juusto.

Blueberry pie. Marjex.

Wednesday 21.9.2022

Tikka Masala with spelt. MeEat, Birkkala.

Chocolate Mousse. Fazer.

Thursday 22.9.2022

Smoked fish bowl with spelt. Pielisen kala, Birkkala.

Finnish Apple pie with vanilla sauce.

Thursday evening 22.9.2022 at the Technopolis 40-year anniversary celebration, the dishes on the lunch menu were served as cocktail versions in perfect harmony with Luxembourgish cocktail pieces.

Friday 23.9.2022

MeEat burger with root vegetables. MeEat.

Lingonberry pannacotta. Marjex.

Wines from Bernard-Massard, Luxembourg.

The Finnish Food Week menu was developed and implemented by Kati Pohjanmaa, a Finnish Food and Food Education expert.