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As a member you have a great opportunity to expand and strengthen your business network.

Belonging to the right network greatly supports successfully growing one’s business. Membership in Finland Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg offers a great networking opportunity when conducting business between Finland and Luxembourg.

The objective for FinChamLux is to create interesting forums where executives of companies can come together with leaders and influencers from political, economic and business life in an informal atmosphere.

In addition there is a long list of services and contacts that you, as a member, can make use of. Read more about your benefits below.

Exclusive Business Network

As a new organisation FinChamLux is a fast growing chamber of commerce in Luxembourg. The network includes both Finnish and Luxembourgish as well as International companies, all with the shared interest in increasing the commerce between Finland and Luxembourg.


FinChamLux organises presentations, seminars, forums and networking events in Luxembourg and in Finland, giving you the opportunity to network with other FinChamLux members and learn about timely topics from top speakers.

FinChamLux offers all employees of a member company to participate in presentations, seminars, lunches, forums and other events as a FinChamLux member with discounted participation fees.


FinChamLux offers companies endless branding opportunities. You have the possibility to host or sponsor events in cooperation with the chamber. You can also use our other marketing platforms such as the FinChamLux homepage or newsletter for advertising.

Business Services

FinChamLux helps with access to meeting rooms in Luxembourg. We can also assist your company in planning and arranging events in Luxembourg and Finland as well as tailor-made partnering programs and market researches.

As a member you get full access to our member network with companies active in various markets and business sectors. For companies that wish to establish a business in Luxembourg, we recommend and facilitate contact with suitable member companies as a Partnering Service.

Meet - Kuohu Artesian Water

In the heart of Finland, in the middle of evergreen forests and pristine lakes, there is a village called Kuohu. It’s a place where nature reigns supreme, and it’s also the inspiration behind one member of our chamber – Kuohu Artesian Waters.

Kuohu Artesian Waters draws its strength from the village that inspired its name. This village sits atop a vast expanse of firm bedrock, a geological wonder spanning 230 kilometers beneath the surface. This bedrock is the secret to the unparalleled purity and taste of Kuohu’s waters.

The quality of Kuohu’s sources and their water has been celebrated for decades, with official recognition to prove it. The tradition of bottling the purest Finnish water has been continued with the founding of Kuohu Artesian Waters in 2019.

“We are excited about taking part in the Finnish Food Week in Luxembourg and discovering the opportunities the new market can offer us. The clean, pure nature of Finland boasts a wealth of offerings in the realms of refreshments and food.”