Member Spotlight: Kuohu Artesian Waters – Bottled Purity from Finnish Nature

In the heart of Finland, in the middle of evergreen forests and pristine lakes, there is a village called Kuohu. It’s a place where nature reigns supreme, and it’s also the inspiration behind one member of our chamber – Kuohu Artesian Waters.

Kuohu Artesian Waters draws its strength from the village that inspired its name. This village sits atop a vast expanse of firm bedrock, a geological wonder spanning 230 kilometers beneath the surface. This bedrock is the secret to the unparalleled purity and taste of Kuohu’s waters.

The quality of Kuohu’s sources and their water has been celebrated for decades, with official recognition to prove it. The tradition of bottling the purest Finnish water has been continued with the founding of Kuohu Artesian Waters in 2019.

Finland is known not only for its clean groundwater, but also for its clean air and soil. Kuohu Artesian Waters understands that nature’s gifts must be preserved, and they take this duty to heart. Their mission is to keep groundwater as pure as it’s always been.

But Kuohu’s commitment goes beyond purity. They’re dedicated to environmental harmony. Their production strives for carbon neutrality, and they embrace renewable materials. They are crafting a sustainable legacy for the next generation, ensuring that the water they bottle remains a testament to nature’s finest.