Finnish-Luxembourg Business Club event 18.11.2021 at Technopolis in Luxembourg

On Thursday 18th November 2021, Finnish-Luxembourg Business Club held its first live event, gathering together Finnish and international business influencers and entrepreneurs. The event was held at the newly renovated “Helios” building in Cloche d’Or, held and managed by Technopolis Holding Group. The event was carried out in partnership with Finnish Food and Food Education Expert, Kati Pohjanmaa, who collaborates with both Finnish food producers as well as the local Luxembourgish wine producer, Bernard & Massard, to whom Finland is one of the largest export markets.

Finland and Luxembourg have a lot in common. Although both countries are small in the scale of European politics, both are considered collaborative and supportive, active EU member states. Both countries have been successful in many international statistics concerning democracy, life quality, and wellbeing. Both countries can also be considered gateway markets; Luxembourg is surrounded by the EU’s largest economies, whereas Finland, can be seen as a path to other Nordic countries.

The diplomatic relations between Finland and Luxembourg have been tied already 100 years ago. Finnish-Luxembourg Business Club, founded earlier in 2021, is a welcome addition to accelerate the business relations between the countries, especially as Finland does not have a permanent embassy in Luxembourg. The Ambassador of Finland, Riitta Resch, has been accredited to Luxembourg from Brussels.

Finnish-Luxembourg Business Club intends to develop into a local chamber of commerce, supporting businesses from both countries in their international expansion by connecting to local partners and providing consultation through its networks.

In addition, Finnish-Luxembourg Business Club will develop its local community in Luxembourg, consisting of both Finnish and international business influencers. The community will be built through events, which will introduce specific themes that provide meaningful perspectives and synergies to both countries. Perspectives will combine the latest academic research with insights from influential business leaders.

For the first operational year, Finnish-Luxembourg Business Club events will focus on the theme “Future of work”. Finland has shown an example of flexible working models and organisational structures already for decades; these are the exact perspectives that all organisations – also in Luxembourg – need to consider in this post-pandemic era. Luxembourg again has been building itself for decades into an international hub that successfully attracts global talents from all over the world; whereas in Finland international inclusion is a key challenge to support employment and societal development.